Why Do Men Find Periods ‘Too Racy’?

Why Do Men Find Periods ‘Too Racy’?

In our world of instant online porn, women being idealised as sexual objects while fighting to be treated and paid as equally as men, it does not surprise us that advertising executives find a photo of a tampon string to be offensive and “too racy”.

Sustainable tampon applicator brand DAME has managed a first in getting it’s

‘Bleed Red, Think Green’ advert campaign onto London Buses. According to co-founders Alec Mills & Celia Pool they had to overcome the male dominated advertising industry, who were not comfortable talking about or seeing that periods exist.

Alec explained that they had to change the advert each time it was rejected as being ‘too racy’ which demonstrated just how differently women’s bodies are portrayed in the media against the reality of their monthly cycle.

Of course this reality is constantly being reinforced when mothers teach only their daughters about oncoming periods in the hush of the bedroom. With little or no education exists in the school classroom for all genders, on puberty and periods and women of every age have limited knowledge of products available, it is little wonder that men are uncomfortable with the concept of menstruation when they actually encounter it.

Once we start a discussion and openly demonstrate that a period is not something which needs to be hidden, kept secret or in any way shameful, the men in our lives will become educated, informed and should hold the mighty vagina in their highest esteem.

Original article by Annabelle Spranklen in glamour magazine.


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