Surprise! If You Take The Pill, You Are Not Having A Real Period.

With over 100 million women, all over the world using the birth control pill it still concerns us her at Bloody Marvellous that the majority are not educated that the monthly bleed they experience is not in fact a period.

One of the reasons we set up the Bloody Marvellous website was because as we started to educate on Feminine Hygiene products and all things related to our wonderful vagina’s on social media, we were quickly blocked for posting about all the real and natural things which you experience if you own a vagina.

So we launched our own website, where information is posted on both general education to topical subjects.

So we will start with an explanation on what a period is.

A menstrual cycle has four parts to it, then it repeats, hence the word cycle. Your bleed/period is only one part of that whole cycle.

Menses Phase – the bleeding

Follicular Phaseuterus thickens

Ovulation Phase – uterus releases egg

Luteal Phase – fertilisation of egg or release of lining

When your cycle starts your brain sends oestrogen hormone to your uterus to tell it to start to prepare for a pregnancy and thicken up the lining of your uterus, the endometrium. It also sends follicle stimulating hormones which causes the follicles in your ovaries to grow and inside each follicle is an egg. Around the 14th day of a 28 day cycle, and remember every cycle is different, the brain sends out luteinising hormones telling your ovary to release the follicle or in the case of twins follicles, which ruptures releasing an egg.

The egg/s begins to travel through your Fallopian tubes to your uterus. If the egg meets sperm and is fertilised it attaches itself to the endometrium where it is fed with blood from the uterus.

If a pregnancy does not happen on this cycle, the egg will simply dissolve and no more blood is pumped to the uterine wall, which means the endometrial tissue on the uterine wall dies. To discard this tissue the arteries open up for a short period to let the sudden pressure of blood rush through and rupture the layers.

During this process, gravity and uterine cramps which are contractions push the dead tissue trough the cervix and out through your vagina. On the outside, what you see in your pads, tampons and collected in your cups is what period blood is made of uterine tissue, blood and mucus.

This cycle is very different if you are on the pill.

Usually birth control pills contain oestrogen or a mixture of oestrogen and progestin, you are guided you take these at the same time for three weeks to trick your body into thinking that it’s pregnant. During the remaining week, you take placebo pills, which create a mild version of endometrium that breaks down and exits the vagina.

Blood on a pad on a pair of pants.
Blood on a pad on a pair of pants.

So your bleed on birth control pills is a gentler versions of blood flow, cramps and other related symptoms because it’s not really menstruation at all.

What You Need To Know…

This is why many Doctors will suggest putting you on the pill to relieve heavy periods, life stopping cramps and other associated symptoms but always check if these symptoms are not the beginning of other issues or diseases and that you are not just covering over the issue. Listen to your body, you know it best.


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