Kotex Maxi Individual Pads 12 Box

From: £15.00 every 2 weeks

Now you can create your perfect combination of individual pads, tampons, liners and sensitive bladder products in one box. Please choose up to 20 pads from the range to suit your flow.

❤️ Don’t need 20 products, the rest will be DONATED to charity ❤️

  Product Quantity
Kotex Maxi Pad Normal No Wings - Sold Individually
Kotex Maxi Pad Super No Wings - Sold Individually
Kotex Maxi Pad Night Time No Wings - Sold Individually

20 in stock

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Periods are personal, now you can create your perfect combination.

Please choose up to 12 Pads from this range of KOTEX to suit your period.

For example 6 x Maxi pad normal no wings & 6 x Maxi Pad Night time no wings.

You can add further items from the shop.

Need advise on products or a general chat about your period?

Facebook Message, Text or WhatsApp. E-mail us at askme@bloody-marvellous.com.

Don’t see what you want? We can even create you a personalised box ❤️

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