Always Dailies Liner Singles Normal


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Always Dailies Singles Normal

Panty liners protect your underwear and help you stay fresh and clean.

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  • Individually wrapped
  • Panty liners individually wrapped for convenient on-the-go freshness
  • Neutralizes odours to give you freshness and confidence throughout the day
  • Breathable design with trusted dryness
  • Reliable everyday protection you can count on
  • Dermatologically tested to be gentle on skin

No matter where life takes you, ALWAYS DAILIES Single Panty Liners Normal will keep you fresh and protected. Individually wrapped for additional hygiene so you can carry them with you on the go and still feel fresh throughout the day.

What are panty liners for?

Panty liners protect your underwear and help you stay fresh and clean no matter if it’s against irregular periods or everyday vaginal discharge.

Can I wear panty liners every day?

You can wear panty liners every day to protect against all kinds of vaginal discharge and irregular periods. ALWAYS DAILIES Singles are dermatologically tested to be gentle on the skin.

How can this product help protect against odour?

ALWAYS DAILIES Panty Liners contain an Odour Neutralising Technology that does not mask the unpleasant odour, but locks it away with the help of odour-neutralising pearls. Women who tried panty liners with this technology confirmed excellent odour protection.

Are ALWAYS DAILIES Singles individually wrapped?

Yes, ALWAYS DAILIES Singles come folded and individually wrapped for on-the-go convenience and easy disposability.


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