15 x Ultra Normal No Wings Pads & 5 x Ultra Secure Night with Wings Pads (20 Pads)


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Always Ultra Normal Size 1 no wings x 15 Pads

No two women are the same, yet ALWAYS Ultra Normal (Size 1) offers up to 100% protection for your shape and flow. Size 1 is for light flow days for Small and Medium-sized knickers, and can be also used for small knickers on moderate flow days. ALWAYS Ultra Normal sanitary towels feature SecureGuard contours and liquid-locking gel, and gel can’t leak. This is because the gel pulls fluid in to prevent leakage. They also contain Odour Neutralising Technology, which blocks odours and doesn’t just mask them. Even though ALWAYS Ultra sanitary towels are 3mm thin, they provide a great feeling of comfort and protection during your menstrual cycle.

Always Ultra Secure Night Size 4 with Wings x 5 Pads

Especially created for overnight protection, ALWAYS Ultra Secure Night (Size 4) offer extra night coverage with a 60% larger back (versus ALWAYS Ultra Normal sanitary towels). This offers even more protection against leakage, no matter how much you may toss and turn throughout the night. ALWAYS Ultra sanitary towels have Secureguard contours and liquid locking gel (that can’t leak) that pulls in the fluid to help prevent leaks. They also have Odour Neutralising Technology which locks odours and doesn’t just mask them. ALWAYS Ultra Night sanitary towels are 3mm thin, yet provide up to 100% protection at Night for a great feeling of comfort.


  • Up to 100% leakage protection
  • Super absorbent core with liquid-locking gel that can’t leak
  • Odour Neutralising Technology locks odours in, doesn’t just mask them and contains a light scent
  • Dermatologically tested sanitary towels to be gentle on skin
  • Comfortable topsheet
  • Secureguard contours keeps fluid in check
  • 3mm thin for a great feeling of comfort

Your correct absorbency pad will need to be changed every 6-8 hours, if you are changing more often you need to increase the absorbency. You can get product advice to personalise your period by messaging us on Facebook or e-mail the team at the office. ❤️Absolute confidentiality always. ❤️



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