Love Your Period As Well As Your Body

Love Your Period Blood As Well As Your Body

Instagram Demetra Nyx

This woman has been posting pictures with her own period blood covering her body and face. She says she’ll do so every month until people are no longer stunned by it.

Demetra Nyx, a storyteller and young sex coach, helps people connect with others and themselves. “I help people embrace all of who they are without shame,” she says on her IG bio.

“I help people own all of who they are without shame. I help them discover the truth of who they really are, the true self hidden beneath the cover of their current lives, and I help them get what they truly desire.”

Period. End of Sentence took home an Academy Award recently for Best Short Documentary. It’s based on the subject of menstruation. And now, Nyx is shedding more light on the controversy and attaint even correlated with a woman’s menstrual cycle.

“I will do it until girls stop being taught they the natural functions of their bodies are disgusting and unclean,” she claimed.

“I will do it until women stop feeling that they can’t have sex on their period because it is gross”.

Period Sex is absolutely fine

“I will do it until we stop being embarrassed that we sometimes bleed through our clothing and onto your bed sheets”.

“The idea isn’t to get everyone to put blood on their face.” Nyx states she simply wants to make a startling pubic exhibition to get through to young women.

Instagram Demetra Nyx

“Maybe someone somewhere will feel like: ‘Well, if she can do that, maybe I don’t have to hate my period after all,’” she added.

Woman Smears Menstrual Blood On Her Face To Prove ‘It’s Okay’


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