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The Easy Way To Discuss First Period Products

We understand that most parents are unsure how to introduce the topic of menstruation to their children, never mind how to discuss picking, placing, absorbency and comfort with age appropriate pads, tampons and liners.

Menstruation is no longer the secretive and hidden taboo topic which appears to fall under the “Female Only” category. Fathers are also getting more educated and informed to be able to discuss and support their children.

Perfect Period Product Kit

Perfect Period Product Kit Box

To address this issue, we have launched our “Perfect Period Product Kit” which is especially designed to encourage confidence and empowerment around first menstruation. It includes 15 of the smallest feminine hygiene pads, tampons and liners to ensure young people feel prepared and comfortable with the process. The kit also includes a 5ml liquid dropper to help test absorbency to help better understand absorbency of products and remove the constant mental worrying of leaks during the menstruation process.

Containing a complete selection of age appropriate Pads, Tampons and Liners suitable for first periods.

Pads x 1 pad of every type (7 Pads)

  • Lil-let’s Teens Day Pad
  • Lil-let’s Teens Night Pad
  • Always Ultra Normal Pad with Wings
  • Always Ultra Sensitive Pad with Wings
  • Bodyform Ultra Secure Fit Normal
  • Bodyform Ultra Secure Fit Normal with Wings
  • Kotex Ultra Thin Normal No Wings

Tampons x 1 tampon of every type (4 Tampons)

  • Lil-let’s SmartFit Lite Non Applicator
  • Lil-lets SmartFit Compact Applicator Regular
  • Tampax Compak Lites Applicator
  • TOTM Organic Cotton Light Applicator Tampons

Liners x 1 liner of every type (4 x liners) 

  • Always Mulitfit Normal Fresh Scent
  • Always Singles To Go Normal Wrapped.
  • Bodyform Daily Fresh Micro Liners
  • Bodyform Daily Fresh ProSkin So Slim Wrapped

In addition to these products:

The reading book “What’s Happening To Me?

One Coloured 5ml Dropper – the normal amount of blood a pad or tampon will hold.

I have “started my period” card, to make informing you easier.

Full instructions and information for the kit.

Talking to children about their changing bodies can be a difficult topic. Being proactive is always the best option to ensure body confidence for the future.

Perfect Period Product Kit
Perfect Period Product Kit


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