Crazy Or Creative? Make Your Monthly Period A Daily Meal.

Sometimes the best way to deal with an uncomfortable conversation is to have a good giggle about it. Having a laugh can pull down those barriers making it easier to discuss subjects that just do not get the attention they should.

Even with nearly half the global population being female, conversations about menstruation, monthly and monthly cycles are still not included in our daily conversations.

Here in the Bloody Marvellous office we are always talking about menstruation, solving period problems and handling all the products we use to manage a bleed. We are passionate about educating about menstrual cycles and all the best products to be confident and comfortable.

Uterus Period Crunch
Uterus Period Crunch

Forward thinking and state of the art woman’s health company Intimina have created a talking point which puts the subject on the breakfast table. Period Crunch cereal has raspberry-flavoured pieces accurately resembling the structure of a female’s uterus and when you add the milk it even turns red!

Inspired by old cereal box games, the Period Crunch box includes conversation starters and a diagram of the female reproductive system for people to identify where the uterus is located.

Uterus Period Crunch
Uterus Period Crunch

So your daily breakfast cereal could become a great conversation starter.

If you have not seen the modern product range from Intimina check out these environmentally sustainable cups. Their Ziggy and Ziggy 2 stylish menstrual cups have an added bonus of being comfortable enough to be can be used during sex which is a fabulous advantage. The game changing Lily Cup which can be rolled up as thin as a tampon. For cup beginners the Lily Cup 1 and the worlds first collapsable cup Lily Cup Compact.

Periods are normal part of every woman’s life and affects their partners just as much so why not be educated and get confident talking about monthly cycles and the products we use to manage them over breakfast!

I have already stalked the shelves in the breakfast cereal isles but this cracking crunch is only available by request on the Intimina site. And yes I have made my request and am waiting by the door in my pjyamas with my almond milk in hand.


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