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Articles and information about how your cycle and periods effect your emotional wellbeing. From anxiety and stress to brain fog and depression.

Consensual Sex and Why It Matters

Consent is an ongoing process throughout a sexual encounter. It can be given, withdrawn or changed at any point by any participant.

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Adenomyosis – The Evil Twin Of Endometriosis

Adenomyosis is the evil twin sister to Endometriosis, affecting over 20% of women world wide.

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Menstrual Clots, Normal or Serious?

Who Could Get Menstrual Clots? Menstrual clots, also known as menstrual blood clots or uterine clots, can occur in individuals who menstruate. It is a normal part of the menstrual cycle for many people especially…

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Sweaty Summer Vulvas Solved.

excessive sweating can be uncomfortable, here are various ways and products available to help manage effectively

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Menstrual Cramps As Bad As A Heart Attack?

Suffering with chronic menstrual cramps significantly impact your physical or mental well-being.

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