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Articles and information about how your cycle and periods effect your emotional wellbeing. From anxiety and stress to brain fog and depression.

Rishi Sunk – Just Another Man With Promises And His Actions?

In the world of politics, promises made during election campaigns often serve as a yardstick to measure a leader’s commitment to their constituents. When Rishi Sunak assumed the role of the UK Prime Minister, he…

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Perimenopause and Menopause: A Simple Explanation.

Your monthly hormonal cycle is when a female’s body goes through changes to prepare for pregnancy

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Women and Sexual Harassment. Know Your Rights and How To Take Action.

Recent incidents involving women facing sexual harassment in their workplace or in public spaces have once again highlighted the urgent need for awareness, action, and legal protection. Here we will discuss the laws pertaining to…

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Do You Know Period Shaming An Unique Form Of Bullying?

Most people have experienced period shaming at some point in their life, whether it be as a child or an adult. It reinforces the idea that periods are ‘dirty’ and that those who experience them are somehow lesser.

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Miscarriage The Reality & Emotions of What Happens.

It’s a difficult subject to broach, yet it affects many of us. Here is what happens.

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