About Us

About Us

Feminine hygiene is very personal but until now nobody has given you the opportunity to message someone about the products that you use and get advice.  
  • Are you struggling with leaks? 
  • Does your tampon make you itch? 
  • Does your pad feel like a nappy? 
  • Should you be using a sanitary pad for a sensitive bladder?
  • When should you be using liners? 
If you are like the majority of women buying your feminine hygiene, you go to the shopping isle, take the product you recognise and hide it in your basket!
Unlike cosmetics, where we browse the shelves for the latest lipstick or the clothes retailers we wonder around looking for the latest trends. We don’t check out the latest, thinest pads. We don’t 
try different products in the range, we tend to stick with what we know. 
So how do you know you are using the best product for your flow?

A Note From Our Team

Now you can ask questions, order the best products for you in any mix and subscribe. 

No more panics when you realise you have run out, no more embarrassment buying your product, no more forgetting when you are due. 
Bloody Marvellous offers you the opportunity to individually choose the liners, pads, tampons and sensitive bladder products to suit your flow. 

Stocking over 100 products we hold the biggest stock of every UK brand you know and trust. 

Whether you need product advice, want someone to look after you, don’t want to buy it yourself, want to treat your partner or are simply too busy. Bloody Marvellous will look after you.

From your first period, through your cycle life changes and challenges, menopause and sensitive bladder. We can advise, educate and supply the latest products to make your life easier and give you someone discreet, safe and informed to support you.

The Bloody Marvellous Team xxx 

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