About Us

Bloody Marvellous is a company created by women for women.
  • Are you frustrated with the lack of education available today?
  • Do you still get embarrassed talking about your menstrual cycle?
  • Do you have no idea which pads/tampons/cups/liners to use for your bleed?
  • Confused why women are still taught to hide their periods?
  • Angry that nobody tells you the things you need to know?
#BM offers you a safe place with modern, educational facts about your cycle, periods and the products available to use.
Our #BM Team are women of different ages whom have had different feminine hygiene experiences.
From your first period to your last through menopause and sensitive bladder issues.
With our experience of light to heavy periods, infections and diseases, fertility issues, abortion, pregnancy, miscarriage, sensitive bladder and menopause we are real people with real advice.
We can answer your questions and solve your worries, in the strictest confidence.

Be Marvellous in today’s world, because being female is not black & white.  

The Team at Bloody Marvellous xxx