About Us

Bloody Marvellous is a company created and run by Females for Females. Frustrated with the lack of education in schools, the embarrassment of our natural cycle and very little product information, a group of Marvellous Women got together to make positive changes.

We wanted to offer an modern service without the “sugar coating” which we see endlessly in adverts and product information.
Our team are of different ages with different feminine hygiene experiences. We cover from your first period to your last through menopause and sensitive bladder issues. With our experience of light to heavy periods, infections and diseases, fertility issues, abortion, pregnancy, miscarriage, sensitive bladder and menopause we are real people with real advice.
In our office we have every single pad, liner, tampon and sensitive bladder product we can get our hands on. In every in type and absorbency! We have tested, worn, bleed and pee’d into each one to give you real person advise.

We also offer you one to one support to answer your questions or worries in the strictest confidence.

Be Marvellous in today’s world, because being female is not black & white.  

The Team at Bloody Marvellous xxx