28 Day Cycle? That is 13 Periods!

28 Day Cycle? That is 13 Periods!

28 Day Cycle? That is 13 Periods

There are 28 days in the average menstrual cycle. There are also usually 28 days in the month of February.

That means if you have a 28 day cycle, you are having 13 Periods a year NOT 12.

This is why our yearly subscription for your feminine hygiene box is for 13 boxes not 12!

50% of the population will have experienced menstruation in the past or will experience it at some point in the future. That is 800 million women a month having a natural, hormonal change in their bodies.

We can deliver to your door, in a plain white box with no branding or logo, your personal choice of UK branded products, any mix of brand, type and absorbency to make your flow as comfortable and easy as possible.

Most of us are pretty clueless when it comes to what exactly goes on inside our bodies every month, which products would work the best and how to cope with leaks, sensitive bladders and all things feminine hygiene related.

For years, menstruation and women’s feminine health have been hidden.

We have been told that our period pain doesn’t matter, that our blood should be hidden and that even though menstruation is totally normally, it really isn’t something we should be chatting about in public.

Well the Team here at #BM are chatting about it, everyday! ❤️

Covering topics from your first period to your last, Menopause, Sensitive Bladder and everything in between.

Want to get in touch? Want us to cover a topic that matters to you? Got a question? Email us.

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