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Menstruation Made Modern

The Bloody Marvellous Team. Menstruation Explained

Bloody Marvellous Team

We are a team of women who are empowering everyone with up to date attitudes on menstruation.

  • School education is basic, gossip is dangerous, social media still bans the word vagina.
  • We provide the facts about menstruation, what happens and how to deal with it.
  • Get up to date product information on pads, tampons, cups and new products.
  • Understand what is normal and when you need some medical support.
  • Recognise infections and diseases to protect your health.

Menstrual cycles are a vital part of a female’s health and well being. Split into four stages, hormones change which affects energy, stamina, strength, concentration and mood. By learning about menstrual cycles, you can:

  • Learn the best times for decisions, new challenges and relaxation.
  • Smash the global stigma and shame around menstruation.
  • Have up to latest product information for comfort and convenience.
  • Know how to spot and treat any infections or diseases.
  • Stand up for your menstrual rights and access to hygiene.

The place to empower yourself and get actively involved.

  • Learn how the female body works.
  • Take courses to improve your knowledge.
  • Share real personal stories with our members.
  • Join our private forum to ask questions, give advice and get support.
  • Order Bloody Marvellous products or donate to our social causes.

We believe that period education is a right for everyone, no matter who you are or where you live. Our mission is to improve menstrual health education across the globe.

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All staff are DBS checked.